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To guide general prevention and safety measures in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic to reduce the risk of contagion during the development of activities in hotel and guest sector personnel, We have enhaccement our internal procedures. These new procedures include practices such as:

• Reinforcing hand hygiene
• Utilizing personal protective equipment
• Encourage physical distancing by posting new signage to ensure proper separation in lines and common areas, discouraging congregating in crowded areas, reconfiguring public spaces, or limiting the number of employees and customers in various areas
• Limiting physical contact with customers.
• Sanitizing stations available throughout in social areas.
• Temperature screening at reception
• Additional time allotted to cleaning and disinfecting of guest rooms.
• The staff has been trained on how to react in case of infection.

Protocols for Front Desk
• Promote social distance between co-workers and between employees and guests (a minimum distance of 2 meters must be maintained).
• Limit help with luggage (handling of luggage and accompanying to the room by bellmen) unless absolutely necessary.
• Expedite check in as much as possible by having registration and keys ready.
• Suspend delivery of welcoming letters.
• Send invoices by email instead of delivering them in hard copy.
• Promote payment by card instead of cash and perform constant cleaning of dataphones.

General cleaning - public and internal areas

• An anti-viral disinfectant should be used.
• Cleaning should be performed more frequently (every 2-4 hours) on all contact surfaces:
Door handles
Bath surfaces
Toilets and toilet levers
Front Desk Counter
Telephones, computers, keyboards, mouse
Elevator buttons
TV remote controls
Safety boxes
Public bathrooms should be cleaned every hour.
• Public bathrooms should be cleaned every hour.

Cleaning and Disinfecting a room - General
• After check-out, the room must remain empty and closed for 24 to 72 hours before the housekeeper enters the cleaning.
• Always work with vinyl gloves, goggles, covers and disposable aprons.
• Place any disposable items used by the guest in the trash. Before removing gloves, wash hands with gloves on. Then, remove gloves and wash hands with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds, dry thoroughly.
• Disinfect all surfaces (especially bedside tables and bed tops) with antiviral disinfectant as directed by the product.
• Linen should be washed with hot water and dried with heat. You should avoid “hugging” linen while transporting it to avoid contamination. ALWAYS handle dirty linen using gloves. After removing and delivering dirty linen, remove gloves and wash hands with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds, dry thoroughly.
• Once the room has been completely cleaned and disinfected, disinfect any cleaning equipment you have used.

Room Service
• Items such as food or those medically requested by the guest must be left outside the room, indicating the guest in isolation to put on their surgical mask to pick up their order.
• People who serve must wear the surgical mask and disposable gloves (once used, they should be disposed of and wash hands).
• The surgical mask should cover mouth and nose and should be discarded once it is wet or dirty, discarding it in the container for solid waste management or red bag.
• Upon delivery of the request the guest must sign the bills immediately. Do not leave the bill holder or the pen in the room.
• Immediately after delivery of the order the Room Service waiter must disinfect his hands.
• Room service trays should be cleaned with anti-viral disinfectant. Placemats should not be used in trays.
• Seasonings (salt, pepper, sauces) should be delivered in sachets.

Handling of personal protective elements in isolation
• Persons who serve isolated individuals should wear the surgical mask and disposable gloves (once used they must be disposed of and hand washed, room cleaning personnel must use a safety kit that includes anti-fluid overall of washable material,- goggles, surgical masks and gloves.
• The surgical mask should cover the mouth and nose and should be disposed of after it is wet or dirty and placed in the hazardous waste handling container.
• Spray the body with alcohol, constant use of antibacterial gel and hand washing.
• Train the staff in service on the measures taken to prevent the risk of exposure to the virus and how to act in case of a COVID-19 infection.

What to do if a guest reports symptoms of Coronavirus?
• Inform your boss or any member of the Management Committee immediately.
• Try to separate the guest from other guests as much as possible.
• Ask the guest to contact their doctor immediately or contact the local medical center for directions on how to proceed.
• Follow the directions you receive from your local health institution.
• Do not transport the guest to any other location unless indicated by a doctor.
• IF an infected guest checks out follow the steps of decontamination procedure of the room.
• IF the guest leaves the hotel, but other guests stay in the same room ask them to contact their doctor immediately. No employee can enter the room until it has been decontaminated by trained housekeeper staff.
• Please record in writing all incidents with these guests and rooms.
Before asking a guest to leave the hotel, it is recommended to consult the legal team.
IF the hotel should have a confirmed COVID-19 case, the hotel must agree to inform the other guests without giving information on the infested guest or their room number.
COVID-19 Important information